"Do" Tips for Organizing

Do: Tackle Toppling

Contain tiny things so they can be moved as a unit & 
won't topple when you reach for one. Medicine
cabinets are big culprits: plucking out the right bottle
feels like a game of Operation. But corral them in an
open bin on the shelf & grabbing the whole group or
just one is a snap. Works everywhere -- for tea, 
vitamins, small tools, art supplies -- & so simple.

Do: Declutter on the Sly

I've spoken about "Stealth Purging" before, & here's a new spin: when you're retrieving a supply (eg, Advil, drawing paper) & have 2 minutes to spare, go through that box or drawer & hunt for unneeded items. I found a load of expired meds & a stack of paper to recycle just this week! Declutter little by little.

Do: Clear the Decks

Now that decking the halls is behind us, I'm excited to clear the decks. Empty that garage, take back those returns, deliver those hand-me-downs. I put this off; there are more important things to do! But the ripple effect is brutal - so for 1 day, ignore those other important things. The rush of ACTION is intoxicating.