Benefits of Getting Organized

A system designed just for you.
• Create a home that make sense to you for each category of items.
• Keep track of appointments.
• Make decisions about how to handle routine tasks just once, instead of every day.
• Free your physical and mental spaces.
• Feel more relaxed about your responsibilities.

Take care of the world around you.
• Teach your kids valuable life skills.
• Develop easy systems for donating unneeded items.
• Create a simple process for recycling.
• Save resources by knowing what you have and avoiding over-purchasing.

Save time and money.
• Run errands faster.
• Stop spending time hunting for lost items.
• Never again pay a late-payment fee.
• Have time to bargain-hunt.
• Identify tax deductions because you can locate your receipts.
• Deduct charitable donations of items you no longer need.
• Avoid buying duplicate items you know you have but can't seem to find.
• Stop paying for storage space.
• Cook simple meals at home and pack lunches.

Even make money.
• Recognize and deposit checks received in the mail.
• Find checks and cash that have been buried.
• Pursue unpaid invoices.
• Make time for publicity and marketing.
• Enhance your professional image.