Organizing Services

I offer friendly, one-on-one solutions for tackling  those home- and office-organizing projects that have you stumped. Working together, we'll identify your trouble spots, break them down into manageable steps, and keep in touch to help you maintain your progress.  We can work together in one of four ways:


Offices, kitchens, garages, closets, paper, schedules ... you name it. In onsite sessions, I’ll roll up my sleeves alongside you and apply my expertise to your unique situation. Together, we’ll come up with a maintainable solution and get you back to a blank slate.


If you’d like to work with me but are limited by your geographic location or you prefer shorter, strategy-focused sessions on a smaller budget, technology makes it possible. I offer virtual organizing sessions by phone or video.

The same service as Onsite-Only PLUS the donations disappear with me when I leave, & tailored post-session follow-up to your needs. For instance, phone/video/text support to trouble-shoot, brainstorm, encourage task-completion, build new habits, or research/recommend products & community services.

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DIY Project Plans include a two-hour onsite assessment with project plan and a half-hour follow-up phone call for $150, or $175 with a written report.



Has someone in your life always wanted to hire an organizer but never pulled the trigger? Or tell your loved ones a gift card is on YOUR wish list! Choose one of the above services and give the gift of peace, fun, and productivity. Request a gift card here.

Simplicity Works Decluttering and Organizing Sevices Menu

Full-Service Onsite-Only Virtual        
A la Carte Hourly Rate*$75$65$55
30-min consultation (by phone or video)
In-depth assessment and project plan
Personalized tips for maintaining long-term organization
Onsite, hands-on decluttering and organization services
Post-session follow-up and troubleshooting
Donation & recycling removal

Save $50 when you buy a 10-hour package
* For locations 30-45 minutes from 48105, add $10/hr.