Virtual Organizing

You can get organized over Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts, or any other video calling program.

Strategy-Focused Sessions on a Smaller Budget

If you’d like to work with me but are limited by your location or budget, have no fear! I have extensive experience coaching clients through projects both in-person and remotely. Through the marvel of modern technology, I can check out your space and talk you through solutions in real time. I’ll provide a simple step-by-step plan for achieving your goals and getting the job done once and for all.

As with onsite work, I’ll focus on efficiently using the raw materials you already have and making specific product recommendations to fill in the gaps. You’d be surprised at how far your existing possessions can go when paired with effective strategy. We’ll collaborate to develop long-term solutions that you can stick with. It’s professional organization from the comfort of your computer screen!

It's all done with an accepting, confidential attitude focused on problem-solving and bringing more energy to your life and spaces.  

Examples of Virtual Organizing

Closets, coaching, eco-organizing, home offices, kitchens, living spaces, office organizing, paper management, storage spaces (garage, attic, warehouse, etc.).

No space is too small to simplify. I've worked with clients to organize kitchen desks, online calendars, purses, medicine cabinets, refrigerators, suitcases, showers, utility closets, entryways, junk drawers, sports equipment, and pantries -- all the way down to key rings!