Onsite Organizing

Helping busy people simplify their lives.


Getting organized is simple… but not easy. To keep us grounded in our purpose, I like to operate based on three tenets of sensible organization: 1. Keep only what you need, 2. give each item a home, and 3. put them there!

Since material overload is often the root of all clutter crises, I’m committed to helping clients reduce responsibly and use existing furniture/possessions to meet organizational needs (without accumulating lots of new stuff!). We’ll place a special focus on developing solutions that fit into your lifestyle so you can sustain best practices beyond the honeymoon phase.

As for the work itself, I can do the hands-on labor with you, provide upfront coaching and let you do the rest, or a combination of both. Together, we’ll carry out a custom organization intervention to get you on the fast track to efficiency, productivity, and peace of mind. Functional organization is not the pursuit of perfection -- it’s about being organized enough to achieve your goals. 

Full-Service onsite sessions come with free support services before and after the session, such as:

  • Responsible removal of donations and recycling with tax receipt

  • 30-day post-session phone and email follow-up support to trouble-shoot, brainstorm, encourage task-completion and build new habits

  • Researching products, services, and community resource as necessary


    With deadlines raining down, the last thing you need to be thinking about is where you put the stapler. Establishing a simple, sustainable system of organization will help you be your most productive self at work, leaving more time and brain space for enjoying your off-hours. Offices tend to be one of the spaces most in need of decluttering and organizing, so I have lots of experience helping clients achieve custom solutions to complement their workflow.

    • small businesses

    • mom and pop shops

    • home offices

    • corporate offices

    Shredding company referrals are available for sensitive papers.

    Everything Else

    I’ve seen it all--from mudroom messes to closet catastrophes, I’ve helped clients work through every nook and cranny of their home or office spaces. If you have a unique organizational need, let’s talk about it!

    This includes as "small" as your purse, refrigerator, suitcase, utility closet, medicine cabinet, pantry.

    I help clients get back to a "clean slate" state by guiding them through the decision-making process about what stays (the things they love or need) and what goes.  This includes time and information management as well as help with physical items. Donating or recycling most items that are no longer needed at no additional charge.

    As always, the first call is free, and I’m confident that we’ll be able to work out a plan of action.