"Get" Tips for Organizing


My favorite way to store jewelry is in a hanging
organizer like this one. You can see everything at
once, & it's usually easier to hang this on a closet rod
or a hook on the back of a door than it is to make
room for a jewelry box. (I suppose if you have very
fancy jewelry you might need something more secure,
but I don't have that problem!)

Get a Big Calendar & Use It    

A big wall calendar with plenty of writing space is great for those who need to see the month on a scale larger than a screen, & especially for families who can't go digital for their shared calendar. Whatever calendar you use, sit down regularly with your "teammates" & preview the next few weeks: Is everything there? What prep & reminders are needed? My family couldn't function without these talks.

Get a Handle on Your Money     

You know how the financial gurus say you need a budget as if it's easy, but making one & actually sticking to it IS NOT? I've tried all sorts of methods & YNAB is the best. It simplifies money. And with very little set-up needed, free online classes & support, & a $60 one-time fee after a free trial, it's a bargain.