What People Are Saying

Molly is very positive and non-judging, so I felt comfortable sharing the REAL reasons that kept us from being organized. Not only did she help with physical space but she helped with developing reasonable schedules, tasks lists and star charts. Working with Molly really helped our household self-esteem.


Molly is very warm, and a patient listener that I felt completely comfortable with her from the beginning. The suggestions she gave me have changed our lives for the better.


Molly has been a life-saver - she has helped me design and implement with clear systems for my desk and files, my kitchen, bathroom and storage areas and my life.  I love working with her!  


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I can’t thank Molly enough for her help organizing my office. Walking in the following morning was almost a physical shock, followed by a wave of euphoria.
— Kathy

Molly, I can't thank you enough for your organizational help.  I am writing you now from my still organized and clean office space in the light of my newly purchased desk lamp, looking at my neatly arranged file folders.  I now really love to work in this space!


If it weren't for Molly, I'd still be drowning in piles of things that should have been donated years ago. I'd be searching for 'clarity' and 'space." …Molly is the best I've seen for home, office, space, and mind organization…

— Beth A.

Molly helped me get my apartment organized and to a place where I can function and feel good there. I learned so much in the process, and she could not have been more helpful, fun, patient, and just a pleasure to be around. I will always recommend her to friends, colleagues, strangers, etc.

— Emily

You’re helping me make big changes each visit!!
— G.K.

The new space looks great and just feels so much lighter than before. Thanks for your help.  I just could not have done that on my own...

— J. Kemper

I have a lot more time in the day because now I can find everything and I am not overwhelmed and anxiety-ridden every time I step through the door. I am grateful for that. Molly is fabulous and I could never have reached such an immeasurable level of organization without her…

— Desiree

Molly really helped jump-start my organizing project. She brings with her the energy that you may lack, but at the same time her manner is very calming. When you feel like everything in your life (and your mind) is all over the place, she helps you put it all in the right place.

— Joanna

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Working with Molly has been a sanity saver!
— Yolanda

After multiple attempts on my own, my basement finally is orderly, logical, and clean. Making only a minimal number of inexpensive new purchases, Molly and I reorganized the basement in a way that I should be able to upkeep on my own…Molly comes highly recommended by me!

— Sarah

Eighteen months after Molly finished helping us disassemble 35 years in the same apartment, I am still in awe of her simple, level-headed, and practical solutions to all the challenges we faced. 


This experience has been somewhat life-changing in that I am now always thinking about how I handle things and what I can be doing to make my routines more efficient...Immediately after greeting Molly, I felt I was in good hands—she has a calming affect... I didn't feel judged—the only hesitation I had when I first contemplated calling an organizer…I think Molly is a wonderful organizer. She's been quite an inspiration for me.

— Victoria