May Tips and Tricks

Do Tackle Toppling

Contain tiny things so they can be moved as a unit & won't topple when you reach for one. Medicine cabinets are big culprits: plucking out the right bottle feels like a game of Operation. But corral them in an open bin on the shelf & grabbing the whole group or just one is a snap. Works everywhere ‑‑ for tea, vitamins, small tools, art supplies ‑‑ & so simple.

Don't Squeeze

Next time you think, "I can squeeze this one last task in before I go," just don't. Recognize it as an example of false efficiency. Cramming the task in when you don't truly have time will cause you to: do it badly, be late for your next appointment, & stress about both. Leave the task undone for now & enjoy being on time.

Get Bejeweled

My favorite way to store jewelry is in a hanging organizer like this one. You can see everything at once, & it's usually easier to hang this on a closet rod or a hook on the back of a door than it is to make room for a jewelry box. (I suppose if you have very fancy jewelry you might need something more secure, but I don't have that problem!)

Give to End Poverty

I'm excited about a poverty‑fighting program with a new chapter in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area. Circles has a proven (30‑year!) track record of ending generational poverty, attacking it from all sides & involving whole communities. Email me or go here if you'd like to get involved, & go here if you'd like to donate funds!