March Tips and Tricks

Here are 4 quick tips from me, Molly Boren of Simplicity Works Organizing Services. I hope they make your life a little easier.

Do Stop Phone Distractions

Every app thinks it's important enough to shake you by the lapels every 5 minutes. To turn off on‑screen or sound notifications on an iPhone, go to Settings > Notifications > select the app. On an Android it's Settings > Sound & Notification > App notifications > select the app. Limiting distractions is an essential modern skill, for your sanity as well as efficiency. I have been loving this tip lately ‑‑ very empowering!

Don’t Bury Supplies

Vertical is great for papers, but not for office supplies. They get buried in these deep, opaque upright "organizers" when we forget what we've tossed inside (supplies & other things, like cash & jewelry). Dump supplies in a drawer or box instead; it needn't be pretty. Maybe use dividers or small boxes inside & a cup on the desk for pens (but avoid over‑organizing). Extra supplies can live farther away, e.g., in a labeled box on a high bookshelf or closet.

Get Coins Counted

I got these low‑tech gadgets for my son but it's me who really loves them. Spare change clutters most homes, be it in a jar or scattered on surfaces. How to turn it into usable money? Coinstar is a good option, especially if you forego their fee by donating your cash or buying a gift card to a favorite retailer. But it's just as easy to convert 100% of it with these coin counting tubes (& paper sleeves that your bank might give you for free). I rolled $33.50 in 10 minutes while Sam built tiny forts with the finished product. Your bank then deposits the rolls or trades them for bills. You might even get very fancy with these sorting trays.

Give Freedom

Since 1983, Detroit's Freedom House has saved the lives of people fleeing torture, rape, & violence in their home countries. It gives them the tools ‑ such as legal aid & housing ‑ to build stable, independent lives & contribute to their new communities. Freedom House is now facing a 60% shortfall in its budget due to a surprise withdrawal of funding. Help this life‑giving & time‑tested group continue its work with financial or in‑kind donations or as a volunteer.