November Tips & Tricks

Here are 4 quick tips from me, Molly Boren of Simplicity Works Organizing Services. I hope they make your life a little easier.


Do Shelve Smartly

Think like a grocery store to make the most of your kitchen shelves. Pull everything toward the front & arrange them in columns of like things, so you can see a representative of each type of item in the front row. Fewer unknown items will lurk toward the back of the shelf, where they're easy to forget.  

confused-muddled-illogical-disoriented _1_.jpg

Don't Fix Things

It's close to sacrilege in my green & thrifty world, but yesterday I recycled a spray bottle instead of figuring out how to reassemble its spray mechanism. Repairs aren't always worth your valuable time (& counter-space, & mental energy/guilt). It's ok -- & a relief -- to say adios to some unfinished projects.


Get Extra Space

This 3-piece breakfast cart is the perfect improvised kitchen island or bonus counter. It's magical how you can tuck away the 2 stools. Extend the leaf when you need more surface space. There are even two drawers & towel racks on both sides.


Give a Home

Habitat for Humanity believes that "every man, woman, & child should have a decent, safe, & affordable place to live." We can all get behind that! And we can donate furniture, home accessories, & building supplies to their ReStore locations (pick-ups are often available), as well as time & cash to support their good work. In SE Michigan, check out Huron Valley's Habitat for Humanity website to see what kinds of donations they accept & how to volunteer.