Molly Boren, Certified Professional Organizer

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In onsite sessions (SE Michigan, Chicagoland, and NYC), I roll up our sleeves alongside you to get you back to a "clean slate" state.

First, if necessary, I guide you through your decisions about what stays and what goes.

Next, we decide about the placement and maintenance of the "keepers" with strategies that are intuitive to you. 

It's all done with an accepting, confidential attitude focused on problem-solving and bringing more energy to your life and spaces. 

I offer three levels of onsite services:


    $65/hr (Distance Rate* = $75/hr)
    $60/hr for a 10-hour package (Distance Rate* = $70/hr)

    Sessions usually last 3 hours
    Optional don
ation/recycling removal: $50/session


    $75/hr (Distance Rate* = $85/hr)

    $70/hr for a 10-hour package (Distance Rate* = $80/hr)

    Full-Service onsite sessions come with free support services
         before and after the session, such as:

         - Responsible removal of donations & recycling with
           tax receipt

         - 30-day post-session phone & email follow-up support
           to trouble-shoot, brainstorm, encourage task-completion,            & build new habits

         - Researching products, services, and community resources
           as necessary


    $130 (Distance Rate* = $155)

    Two-hour onsite assessment with project plan (optional
    written report = $45) and 1/2-hour follow-up phone call 

* Distance Rate applies to SE Michigan sites that are 30-60 minutes from Ann Arbor, and to sites in Chicagoland and NYC.


If you prefer shorter, strategy-focused sessions on a smaller budget, technology makes it possible!  The same goals apply as in on-site organizing, above.


    By phone, Skype, or Google Hangout


Has someone in your life always wanted to hire an organizer but never pulled the trigger?  (Or is your birthday coming up?) 

Choose one of the above packages and give the gift of peace, fun, and productivity.